I founded Shadetree Small Engine Repair in 2018 to proudly serve small engine owners in the Lincoln and surrounding areas of Kent and Sussex Counties, Delaware.

As a 3rd generation native of Milford, I have family here and am very familiar with  Sussex County and the needs we have to maintain our properties, including the toys we have to enjoy our weekends either on the trails or on the water.

I have 30 years of mechanical knowledge and experience with gasoline and diesel engines. Ranging all the way from small engines, to 20 cylinder 8,000 horsepower diesels. 

During my service in the Coast Guard I was trained to service and maintain the operational integrity of the boats and ships I was assigned to.

Some of my accomplishments:

  • Lead Engineer/Chief (underway) ensuring operational integrity
  • Worked in Key West, Florida – Coast Guard Drug Interdiction 7 years
  • Chief Warrant Officer – Over seeing maintenance of the cutters
  • 2003 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, South Florida

As a side note, for those gun enthusiast, firing warning shots using the 50 cal was cool… 🙂

After retiring from the military I wanted to start a business about something I was passionate about. Serving Lincoln, Milford, Harrington / Sussex and Kent Counties (Delaware);  as a native of the area and working with all types of small gasoline and diesel engines, this is the perfect fit.